Creating Your Philanthropic Strategy

We are your philanthropic partner.

We are here to help you discover your philanthropic passions and make thoughtful, strategic decisions.

You have access to our in-depth community knowledge and grant making expertise to ensure that every dollar you give has an impact. To help you reach your philanthropic goals we encourage you to use the variety of tools, materials and services listed below.

Toronto’s Vital Signs Report

Toronto’s Vital Signs® Report

Our annual Toronto’s Vital Signs Report identifies the trends and issues affecting quality of life in our city. The Report helps many of our Fundholders to understand the areas of greatest need in Toronto.

We encourage you and your family to look through Toronto’s Vital Signs and attend the Report’s launch event each October.

Community Knowledge Centre (CKC)

Community Knowledge Centre (CKC)

Our online Community Knowledge Centre is a great place to start when considering your grantmaking strategy. The CKC connects you and your family to some of the city’s most innovative organizations working on solutions to issues highlighted in Toronto’s Vital Signs Report.

With profiles, photos, stories, and videos of more than 230 local charities and not-for-profit organizations, it is a helpful tool to research giving opportunities.

You can search for organizations based on a Vital Signs issue area, neighbourhood, or the people the organization serves.

If you find a project that you would like to learn more about or would like to support, contact a member of our Donor Relations team and we will happily assist.

Customized Research

Customized Research

We love to share.

Let us share with you our in-depth understanding of Toronto and its charitable sector.

At your request, we can provide customized research of giving opportunities aligned to your philanthropic passions and areas of interest.

Giving outside of Toronto? No problem.Fundholders can make grants to any registered Canadian charity, as well as some other kinds of organizations. 

We are also part of national network of over 192 Community Foundations across Canada. If you would like more in-depth knowledge about somewhere other than Toronto, we can connect you with the closest Community Foundation.

Vital Toronto Fund

Vital Toronto Fund

Giving directly to the Vital Toronto Fund is a way to help build the city we all want - one that is smarter, healthier, more inclusive, more creative, and more prosperous. Speak to a member of the Donor Relations team to learn more about the work we do through our grant streams and city building initiatives using the Vital Toronto Fund.