A month of honouring legacies

Thu, Jun 30, 2016 - 11:04 am

June was a month of honouring legacies at Toronto Foundation.  We celebrated outgoing President & CEO Rahul Bhardwaj with the launch of the Rahul K. Bhardwaj Vital Toronto Fund, a permanent endowment with annual grants being designated by the Foundation’s Board of Directors to Toronto Foundation initiatives that further our mission and vision.

At the same time, we were saddened to hear of the loss of Marjorie Sharpe, Toronto Foundation’s first President & CEO.  I’ve known Marjorie for 25 years. In fact, she first recruited me as a volunteer at the Foundation in 1991.  Her leadership from 1989-1996 brought the entrepreneurial drive the Foundation so needed in those early days to set it on its path to success.  This year we celebrate our 35th anniversary, in no small part due to Marjorie’s indomitable spirit and love for the Foundation and her city. Marjorie’s legacy lives on through the Marjorie J. Sharpe Fund that annually supports her favourite charities.

Both these events remind us that time does indeed march on.  Happily, Rahul and Marjorie also remind us that years of dedication to a cause we believe in will leave a strong, energized, and forward-looking legacy for the next generation to embrace. 

In this month’s newsletter, we are also pleased to share with you the stories of individuals and community organizations that are in the midst of building what are sure to become strong, lasting legacies in their own right. From philanthropists making their mark from the heart to community leaders realizing their potential, June was full of celebrating the best of what makes our city strong and vibrant. 

Anne Brayley
Vice-President, Philanthropic Services