Philanthropy for Your Clients

Taking an active approach towards philanthropy with your clients can build deeper, richer client relationships, enhance client loyalty, and strengthen your service.

Why You Should Discuss Philanthropy with Your Clients
Addressing your client's philanthropy helps you provide more complete service as a part of a total financial or legal plan and is most often an appreciated part of the planning process.

Talking with Your Clients About Philanthropy
You have clients who care about philanthropy. Many of your clients may be donating regularly to charitable organizations they care about. We work with you and/or your clients to make it easier for your clients to give effectively and receive significant tax benefits.

The Life Stages of Giving
Your client's view of philanthropy and the causes they choose to support will likely be different depending on their stage in life and as their lifestyles and financial circumstances change.
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Anne L. Brayley, Vice President, Philanthropic Services
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