Professional Advisors

Keith Thomson, Managing Director of Stonegate Private Counsel, regularly includes philanthropy as a topic for discussion in an overall wealth management plan for his clients.

Working with professional advisors is at the heart of how the Toronto Foundation connects philanthropy to community needs and opportunities. Through our work with legal, accounting, financial and insurance professionals, we bring new ideas forward that can help broaden and deepen their client relationships.

This is why advisors like Keith Thomson are so important to the Foundation. Keith, is Managing Director of Stonegate Private Counsel, a partnership that specializes in handling the affairs of high-net worth families and businesses. Their holistic wealth management philosophy includes conversation about how philanthropy fits into the overall life plan of their clients. Keith works to identify both short and long-term goals for his clients and to determine the best options for their philanthropic giving. Those discussions often lead to talk about the effectiveness of the Toronto Foundation as a vehicle for their charitable giving.

“The Foundation allows my clients to establish a legacy during their lifetime, and ensure it will be honoured for generations to come,” says Keith. “By working closely with staff at the Toronto Foundation, I can offer my clients a broad range of solutions to meet their needs.”

It is because of our connection with professional advisors like Keith, and his clients, that the Toronto Foundation can make Toronto the best place to live, work, learn and grow, through the power of giving.