Start Your Fund

A Donor-Advised Fund at the Toronto Foundation means that all the administration, legal, accounting, investment, and governance responsibilities that come with a foundation are taken care of and you can focus on what matters most - your giving.

We’ve helped hundreds of Fundholders make a difference through their giving. To learn more about how we can help you, contact Anne Brayley at 416-921-2035 ext. 232 or Aneil Gokhale at 416-921-2035 ext. 212

It’s easy to set up your endowment fund with us – there are just three decisions to make:

1.   Your Fund’s Name

It’s your Fund – its name is up to you.  You may want to name your Fund after your family, or a loved one, or something that special to you.  You are always able to change it later if you want.

2.   Your Fund’s Type

Everyone gives in different ways, we offer six different options to suit your needs. Many of our Fundholders choose to combine the different types of Funds we offer. You can even choose between creating your foundation to last in perpetuity, or start with a 10-year timeline.

Donor Advised Fund

A Donor Advised Fund allows you to grant from your Fund to any registered charity across Canada. Inform our Donor Relations team which organizations you would like to donate to, and the rest will be taken care of. You can change the organizations at any time by contacting Donor Relations.

Vital Toronto Fund

The Foundation supports organizations through its own endowment, the Vital Toronto Fund. Our community knowledge helps us identify our city’s most important issues, and which organizations are doing the best job in solving them. You can be a part of the Vital Toronto Fund and contribute to the transformative work of community leaders and organizations in the city.

Creating a combination Donor Advised Fund and Vital Toronto Fund is also a possibility, and it allows you to continue giving to your charities of choice while also directly supporting our work in Toronto. 

Field of Interest Fund

With a Field of Interest Fund, you tell us what areas are most important to you (like healthcare, education, or the environment) and we’ll draw on our local expertise to direct your giving

Designated Fund

By starting a Designated Fund, you choose one or more charitable organizations and we will grant to them automatically every year.

Flow-Through Fund

A Flow-Through Fund can act as a companion to your Donor Advised Fund. With this type of Fund you can grant from the full value of your Fund to your favourite causes. Many of our Fundholders use Flow-Through Funds as a way to increase their granting impact.

Legacy Society Fund

Not ready to start your foundation now? Leave your mark with a Legacy Society Fund.

Our Legacy Society is a community of Torontonians whose commitment to the city they love has led them to include the Toronto Foundation in their legacy and estate planning. By selecting us as a bene­ficiary of your estate or your life insurance policy, you can establish a Donor Advised Fund that will continue to support the charitable causes that were dear to you in your lifetime.

3. How your Fund gets started

Start your Foundation with a gift of cash, securities, real estate, life insurance, RRSPs and/or RRIFs. Let us work with you and/or your professional advisor to help decide the best option. The minimum amount needed to start a Fund is $25,000. If you don’t have that amount right now, you have two years to reach it. Once your Fund has reached $25,000, you can start granting and making a real impact. 


Contact Anne Brayley at 416-921-2035 ext. 232 or Aneil Gokhale at 416-921-2035 ext. 212 to start your Fund today.