Vital Initiatives

Pathways to Education
Our Toronto Sport Leadership Program is a great example of how we bring philanthropists, not-for-profit organizations, and communities together to inspire - and create - positive change.

Toronto comes to life when the people who live here come together. This city - our city - has vitality throughout its neighbourhoods because of the communities that focus on making the type of Toronto they want to live in.

Vital Initiatives at the Toronto Foundation work in much the same way. We use our Toronto’s Vital Signs® Report to monitor the quality of life in Toronto and to highlight specific areas that need immediate attention. From there we engage communities in dialogue, because we know that the best solutions to heal and strengthen neighbourhoods come from the neighbourhoods themselves.

Having learned from the community where to focus our attention we use the Vital Toronto Fund, our community endowment, to provide grants. We support leaders, we help build on great ideas, and we engage youth in positive activity. In doing so, we continue to add to our knowledge about the many grassroots ideas taking shape across our city.

This community knowledge we gain from neighbourhoods throughout Toronto assists us in advising our family of Fundholders in their philanthropic efforts. By connecting them with high-impact solutions we become a means to meaningful philanthropy in Toronto and use the combined power of the committed Torontonians we work with to engage and mobilize the government and the private sector to join with us.